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Load Balanced 4G

Load Balancing - For Scalable Connectivity


Our Load Balancing solution enables reliable 4G internet connectivity for larger user-bases providing faster throughput and greater speed.


Using multiple WANs across multiple SIMS, a purpose-built wireless solution gives you a versatility, flexibility and business-grade connections

Why have we developed a Load Balanced 4G Solution?

We have successfully been providing flexible 4G solutions to our customers who needed Internet connections for an event or for private / business use.

Our standard solution is designed to allow connectivity of up to 25 users for general browsing, emails etc. While successfully providing this service to a large client base, we realised there is demand for larger requirements, at events or exhibitions where more users and faster throughput / bandwidth is a necessity. This is where a load balanced solution fits in. Using multiple WANs across multiple SIMS, a purpose-built wireless solution to suit the event or office is required and can be delivered for multiple users.

High speed Internet Connectivity and how do we achieve this with 4G.
Load Balancing

Load Balancing Routers are an integrated solution for networks with redundant internet connections. It helps increase internet speed, reduce network downtime, and make the most out of each link.

Load Balancing is the default settings for our Solution. Once a WAN link is online, the router will add it to the load balancing pool. No configuration required, and no need for understanding the technical terms.

The router tracks the bandwidth usage on each WAN, detects the maximum bandwidth they can reach, and make sure the bandwidth utilization of each WAN is similar. This will help to seamlessly direct all traffic over a suitable connection to produce and end user experience level with fixed line products.

Seamless Failover

Our multi-WAN routers do automatic failovers between WAN connections. In the events of ISP/Carrier outage, the router will transfer the traffic to another WAN smoothly. Ensure reliable Internet connectivity and save you from the cost of network downtime.

Aggregated Bandwidth

The connections are all brought together and treated as one large single connection to route traffic across the Internet.

Load Balancing Diagram
Wireless connectivity is included within the cost and includes:
Standalone wireless solution

This will be using wireless access points that will mesh-together and create a wireless infrastructure within the desired location.  Depending upon the number of SIMS we will include the wireless Access Points.

Engineering and Technical Support

We will include an Engineer with the solution to make sure its correctly configured with the required number of SIMs and the correctly configured wireless infrastructure to allow connectivity of customers or users

Load Balance for 4G
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