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About PopUpWiFi

We are the UK’s leading provider of temporary WiFi solutions, and we are part of P&C Communications, a business trading for over 30 years from its Southport Head Office.


Temporary WiFi for home & businesses

We saw a growing requirement for temporary WiFi solutions a number of years ago, as so many people were struggling with the main providers of WiFi that often fall short when the requirement is not 100% straightforward.

Often, with house moves or business moves, there can be a large gap in the normal WiFi  service going online and it can be very frustrating being in the situation of having to wait days or even weeks for these WiFi services

Stress-free WiFi solutions

With our rental option, we alleviate the stress and interruption of having no WiFi by sending out a pre-configured router that is completely plug and play with no set-up or technical expertise required.


It means that within a very short space of time, a normal internet connection can be established that can allow for all the normal personal and business internet use to continue.


PopUpWiFi for homes & businesses

Whether you are a personal or business user, whether you live in a city or in a far out rural location, we have 99% of the UK covered, so it’s very likely that you will find that PopUpWiFi is the solution you are looking for.

Our difference - Amazing customer service

Our many five-star reviews on Trustpilot and coming into our office via email are a testament to our dedicated customer service department. It can make all the difference knowing that you have the full support of an experienced team who can solve any of your problems and keep you connected.


It’s what separates us from the rest, as we go far beyond simply shipping out a box, it’s the reason that so many of our loyal customers choose us again and again.


Versatile WiFi solutions for everyone

Whether you need a short-term WiFi connection or something much longer, whether you are a personal customer, to a small or larger business, we’re here to help you with reliable connectivity when and where you need it.

Shop our full range of temporary WiFi Packages.

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